Super Mario

? Block

A ? Block (alternatively Question Mark Block, Question Block, known as a Mystery Block in the Super Mario Land manual, a Prize Block in Super Mario World[, and simply ?) is one of the many blocks found in the Mario universe, and one of the most common. Question Blocks are usually seen floating in midair, often containing Coins, Super Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers. They may also be invisible. Beginning in Super Mario Bros. 3, there are different ways to hit the block other than simply jumping into it from below, like using a tail whip with a Super Leaf or Tanooki Suit, or a cape spin with a Cape Feather, to whack the Question Block, or kicking a Koopa Shell at the Item Block. As of the New Super Mario Bros. series, a Ground Pound may also be used to activate it.

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Super Mario Question Mark Block


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